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MH17 : Mishap and Tragedy

Written By Azmy Klanajaya on 21/07/2014 | 11:02 am

1) About four months after MH370 went missing without a trace, another tragedy has struck the Malaysian Airlines when MH17 was brought down by a Surface to Air Missile purportedly fired by the pro Russian separatists on the eastern Ukrainian air space about 33,000 feet above ground.

2) All the passengers together with the airlines crew members on board MH17 were presumed dead and for two days their broken remains together with the plane wreckage and debris laid unattended at the crash site near the city of Torez in the Donetsk region, the border between southern eastern of Ukraine and Russia.

3) The ill fated flight was carrying 298 passengers from 12 nationalities of which 29 are Malaysian passengers and 15 Malaysian Airlines crew members. Most of the passengers were Dutch amounting to 189 people. The flight which departed from Amsterdam at noon local time was supposed to arrive KLIA at 6.10am on 17 July 2014 but never made it.

4) Malaysia and the world community expressed their shock and swiftly condemned the act as cruel and inhumane, and likened it to an act of madness. President Obama and American intelligent agency has leveled the blame on the pro Russian separatists despite their repeated denials.

5) President Vladimir Putin is now under tremendous pressure to exercise his influence to allow a safe passage for the international investigation team to access the crash site. Certainly it's naive to think that Putin would concede to this request as it would be as good as declaring that Russia is supporting the rebels which Putin has incessantly denied.

6) Malaysia has deployed over hundred people of different background and specialties in its attempt to bring home the remains of the Malaysian victims, the least it could do to pacify the families and friends who are mourning in grief over the tragic incident.

7) While negotiation are still taking place for the investigating and humanitarian team from various countries to gain access to the crash site, anxiety and deep emotions are prevailing at home especially amongst family members of the affected victims in this horrible tragedy.

8) As usual the international news agency are using their media prowess to the full benefits and advantage of the American and Western position which may further complicate all diplomatic efforts to gain access to the crash sites. Super sanction against Russia is not the answer to pressure Putin at this point in time as it may further mount the tension and hinder all retrieval efforts at the crash sites.

9) There are also earlier attempts to blame Malaysian Airline for trailing that part of Ukrainian airspace even though it was declared safe by the ICAO. In fact there were also many other international airlines that have used the same route just before MH17 was brought down by the anti aircraft missile. However, the blame has toned down since then.

10) Malaysia must now remain focus in our mission to retrieve the remains of the Malaysian victims and bring them home quickly. Malaysia does not wish to be entangled in the political tension which has escalated to a global proportion between America, the west and Russia resulting from this tragedy.

11) At the same time, we must also not divert our attention from the continuous onslaught and atrocities perpetrated by the Zionist regime against the Palestinians where the death toll amongst Palestinian civilians has increased to more than 300 people and the numbers of dead and wounded are still growing by the day.

12) While the world condemns the madness act against MH17 but the same unified condemnation voice especially from the American leaders are muffled as though such brutalities on the Palestinian people at the Gaza Strip are being condoned by their silence. This hypocrisy of the highest order is typical of the west when it comes to safe guarding the interest and lives of the Palestinian people.

13) The madness of killing spree against civilian lives of the Palestinians by the Zionists and the madness act against MH17 are lessons to be learnt by all mankind not to adopt aggressive approach against each other in times of conflict but to subscribe to a more moderate stand as extremism at either end will result in human sufferings and calamities.

14) Until today, nobody knows why MH17 was shot down as no one has claimed responsibility of it. It could have been a mishap that resulted in this chilling and gruesome tragedy but the perpetrators must be brought to justice and dealt with severely.

15) Be it as it may, we all feel for Malaysia Airlines as the trauma and shock surrounding the missing MH370 is still lingering in our thoughts and mind. It's still disturbing especially amongst the affected families and friends to know that the fate of the missing MH370 and those on board still remains a mystery.

16) At this juncture, we must all take stock of our fragile position and remain united in this difficult moment while extending our heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of MH17 victims in this time of trial and tribulations and pray that the souls of the demise from this awful tragedy will rest in peace - amien.

Article contributed by
Dr Tengku Rethwan bin Tengku Mansor
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